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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • kindergarten at the end of the day
  • feed my fish & go outside
  • Hey what are you doing later ?
  • on the bus on my way home
  • cant wait to go home & see my fish
  • sister picking me up
  • i have to tell you something but you cant be mad
  • nope , don't wanna hear it blah blah blah
  • i remember this day like it was yesterday , it was a Friday afternoon i was in kindergarten & we were at our cubbies getting ready to go home.
  • Finally got home
  • omg how am i going to tell her
  • I was on the bus on my way home , I was so excited to go home & see my fish , I think it was my first pet that I had to myself , I had a dog too but I didn't really get to do anything for it but my fish , I did everything by myself !
  • Found out my fish was dead
  • is it dead , why is it upside down ? can we save him ?
  • My sister picked me up from my bus stop & the whole way home she was telling me she had to tell me something but I kept ignoring her & making noises so she would be quiet .
  • Funeral for my fish :(
  • When we got home I asked her to help me feed my fish because I didn't know how much to give it & she said yes but she had a weird look on her face but I didn't think anything of it
  • can you help me feed my fish ?
  • uh yess
  • When we walked in the kitchen I seen that it was upside down & at first I thought it was sleep & she made another face & that's when I knew it was dead & I just broke down .
  • i was trying to tell you , you wouldn't let me !
  • So then we had a little funeral for it & before she poured it into the toilet I just started crying again but harder this time & I cried all night . After that even still til this day I think she had something to do with it & I always call her a fish murderer when we get into an argument :)
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