out of my mind

Updated: 7/29/2020
out of my mind

Storyboard Text

  • "she plopped me on my back in the middle of the floor on a large, soft quilt. The first time she did that, I looked up at her like she was crazy...Then she came back and put my favorite toy—a rubber monkey—a few inches from my head. I wanted that monkey. "
  • “Turn over, Melody,” she said quietly. Sometimes she can make her voice really soft...“Look at how you’re lying. You’re already on your side—halfway there. Use all that screaming and hollering energy you’ve got to take you to another position. Toss your right arm over and concentrate!”...I strained. I reached. I tried so hard, I farted! Mrs. V cracked up. But slowly, slowly, I felt my body rolling to the right. And then, unbelievably, plop! I was on my stomach."
  • "So I reached for it. The monkey was now only two inches from my hand. I tried to scoot. My legs kept doing the opposite of what my head wanted them to do. I wiggled. I grabbed a fistful of the quilt and pulled. The monkey got closer!“You’re a smart little cookie,” Mrs. V told me.I gave the quilt another tug, and finally, gradually, I had the monkey in my hand."