Unknown Story

Updated: 1/24/2019
Unknown Story

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  • its beautiful day though Mr.parson as the tapping of a cane approaches
  • wow its is so beautiful out today
  • hey guvnor wanna buy a blind man lighter
  • a blind bagger approches and strikes up a deal with Mr.parson 
  • well guvnor its a sad story but if you want to know i will tell ya
  • Mr. parson hesitates but decide to accept the blinder mans offer
  • sure bit i was wodering how did you get blind 
  • it was chemical explosion 14 years ago everyone was rushing toward the exit it was so hared almost out and a guy grabs on to me and makes me let him past so ....
  • the blind beggar begins telling his story 
  • Mr.parson interupts blind man mid sentence...
  • well Mr. markwardt your story is very much true but it is the other way around I am the one you pulled back in the C shop 
  • parson i thought you died I am sorry i pulled you back but hell I am blind
  • An unexpected outcome...
  • well Mr.markwardt dont make a row out of its I am also blind