The Watsons Go To Birmingham Pt.2
Updated: 5/8/2020
The Watsons Go To Birmingham Pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 5: Byron has a habit of playing with matches, mama catches him and threatens him telling him never to do that again.
  • Chapter 5: Byron did not listen to what his mother said and as a punishment she was going to burn his fingers. Joey was crying and wouldn't let mama so she gave up and let Daniel punish By.
  • Chapter 6: Kenny tells Mr. Mitchell that the groceries need to go on the welfare list. Mr. Mitchell laughs and explained signing for the groceries means is that their father will pay all at once instead of a few times a week.
  • Chapter 6: Byron throws cookies at Kenny after finding out that food is "free" By tells Kenny he cannot tell the rest of the family since he ate some of the cookies.
  • Chapter 7: Byron comes home wearing a hat, mama and Kenny are suspicious. Mama makes By take the hat off and it seems By has gotten a hideous hairdo.
  • Chapter 7: Daniel punishes Byron by cutting off all his hair...he is now bald.(Hair is white cause I can't make him bald)