Life or Death
Updated: 6/2/2020
Life or Death

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  • All a Lie Part 2
  • Then the lady started to hold a gun and...
  • Oh my that is the most craziest story I had ever heard In my life I'm so sorry Elena.
  • Sacrificing
  • I just pretty much sacrifice my life for you guys. And I will love that and yes!
  • Wow Bella I'm just glad that you are alive. Hey how about we meet again!
  • Heaven
  • Then I said “like you will find me so I started to run as fast as I can to find you guys. Then I got to my family's house. I was so excited to see them and everyone again but before I knock the door I turn around and see the lady holding a gun. So then I ran again and went to your house.
  • Then she says “ I wouldn’t knock if I were you”. Then I walked up to her with heavy tears and told her that “ I’ll be with you for the rest of my life and will never see my family or friends never again but then deep inside myself, I just wanted my normal life again. So ever since I’ve just stayed away from you guys and faked my death but I need to go she can be close. Elena was shocked but told her that we must meet again.
  • Elena said “Can we meet tomorrow at our favorite place”. Bella responded by saying “yes Elena at our favorite place every day we will meet”. So she ran and Elena ran and while Elena was running she heard a shot as it came from a gun. She turned around and noticed that Bella was on the ground. She has been shot. Elena cried in tears and ran up to her but before she even made it to her she got shot in the head. Now they are both dead but now they are both in a safer fun place that is heaven.