Covid-19 story board
Updated: 5/24/2020
Covid-19 story board

Storyboard Text

  • Not for long buddy boy
  • The rumors
  • Have you heard of Covid-19 ?
  • Stop
  • Yea but it's only in China we don't need to worry.
  • The spread
  • Breaking News!!A new disease called Covid-19 infects its first hundred victims
  • The information
  • The doctors and scientists have now learned that this disease can last on surfaces for 3 days and is spread by person to person so that means it will stay on your skin and stick on your mucus membranes until you wash your hands and blow your nose.
  • The people in this town called Lindenhurst have now been aware of the new upcoming disease called Covid-19 but aren't taking it as seriously as they should because of how far away it is from them currently.
  • The closing
  • Yea me to and we can't even go hangout with our friends but make sure you wash your hands.
  • The town Lindenhurst has just heard that Covid-19 has infected one hundred people and now the people in the town start to worry if they or someone they is next.
  • The fight off
  • Winner
  • Now Lindenhurst has been filled up with information about Covid-19 and has learned that Covid-19 is a communicable disease that will weaken immune system and is highly contagious and to wash your hands.
  • The jump back
  • Wow I can't believe what happened over quarantine !
  • Schools are closed and so are many jobs. Many people have lost there job and are unemployed. We have to "Social Distance" which means we have to 6 feet apart from everyone and no large gatherings.
  • Wow I can't believe school is closed because of Covid-19
  • There is a new guy called squeaky clean and he challenged Covid-19 to a fight but his superpower was a sink so he can just wash his hands when Covid-19 tries to hit him and at the end squeaky clean wins
  • Its been a week since Covid-19 has left the area and everything and everyone has seem to get back to their normal before this all happened. The unemployed are finding jobs and school and jobs are open.
  • Yea me to I'm just glad its over
  • Don't worry I'll be back