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The Merchant of Venice - Saad 9D
Updated: 5/21/2020
The Merchant of Venice - Saad 9D
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  • Part 1 : Can't give a Loan
  • Part 2 : The Jewish Moneylender
  • Part 3 : The Three Chests
  • Antonio is Bassanio's best friend and is a Venetian Mercahnt. Bassanio falls in love with Portia, a wealthy heiress who lives in the city of Belmont , and is desperately in need of money to get her interest. Antonio is not able to make his request because all of his money of invested in a number of trade ships and they are still at sea.
  • Part 4 : The Ultimate Disguise
  • In Venice, Antonio and Bassanio approach Shylock, a Jewish Moneylender for a loan. Shylock has a long-standing grudge against Antonio. Despite that , He agrees to his request and offers to lend Bassanio the money however , if Antonio fails to pay the loan, he will have to give a pound of his flesh to Shylock!
  • Part 5 : Lawyer
  • In Belmont, Portia's Father puts a test with three chests to see who is worthy of marrying his daughter.The Prince of Morocco chooses the golden casket, while the Prince of Aragon selects silver. Both chose the wrong casket and are unsuccessful. Bassanio chooses the lead casket, and in so doing, he wins Portia.
  • Part 6 : Just Disguises
  • Bassanio plans a double wedding along with Nerissa but the celebration is cut short by the news that Antonio would have to pay his pound of flesh because he has lost his ships and can't pay back. Bassanio and Nerissa's husband leave for Venice while Portia and Nerissa plan to go to Venice disguised as men
  • In the court in Venice , the Duke seeks legal advice from the lawyer "Balthazar," who is Portia in disguise. Portia pleads for Shylock to have mercy on Antonio and Bassanio even agrees to give him his wife's money but Shylock doesn't accept. Antonio's death is prevented because his agreement was for flesh but not for a single drop of blood.
  • For threating life , Shylock has to give some his goods to Antonio and Bassanio and has to turn into a Christian. To thank the flowers , they are supposed to give it to the lawyer. At the same night Portia and Nerissa return home and scold their husband for giving their rings before revealing that they were the lawyers. The play ends with their marriages 
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