Greek myth Digital comic
Updated: 3/4/2021
Greek myth Digital comic

Storyboard Text

  • Andromeda's mom boasting
  • My daughter is so beautiful , everyone would like to marry her
  • They told the Nereids about the boasting.
  • Dad they are saying there is another girl prettier than us
  • Poseidon sent a giant snake and a giant wave
  • Andromeda's mom started boasting that her daughter was really beautiful and the most beautiful on earth.
  • Perseus saves Andromeda
  • Poseidon's daughters were whining about it, because they thought they were the most beautiful. They thought because Poseidon told them they were beautiful as sea shells.
  • Perseus kills the Giant snake
  • Poseidon sent a giant snake and a wake to destroy the city. He send the wave to flood the city and the snake to devore all the people.
  • Andromeda and Perseus married
  • bye
  • Perseus was adventuring when he saw andromeda tied to a tree close to a cliff behind the city. He saved her and they both fell in love.
  • You are also so beautiful
  • Thank you, and by the way you are beautiful
  • Perseus killed the snake and it became pale. All the people were happy.
  • Andromeda n Perseus got married and sailed away to live a happy life.
  • Bye