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The little ice cube
Updated: 9/16/2020
The little ice cube
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  • Diorite Rock Formation
  • Forming into Sediments
  • I am finally a sedimentary rock!
  • Hello, my name is Derek the diorite, I am an igneous rock created by the cooling magma heat in the Earth's crust, making crystals which formed myself.
  • I am forming again?
  • Me
  • After millions of long years, my friends, wind, and water made pressure for weathering and erosion which helped turned me to pieces of sediments! Now I look like many pebbles of diorite!
  • Ouch! I am forming into sedimentary rock by compaction of combining pieces of myself tightly together and cementation of myself and mineral calcite. Oh man! This is kind of painful.
  • Back home
  • After being a sedimentary rock for so long, I have finally made progress on turning to another type of rock called metamorphic rock. currently, I am deep down in the ground and being burnt and pressurized by the rock underneath me, who is apparently heating up from lava.
  • Ah!! I am being melted by the intense movements of heat from the pool of lava. I am melting into magma again.
  • Woohoo! Feels fresh after cooling from the extremely high temperature, now I am back as an igneous rock. What an adventure that was turning into other rocks!
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