Mitchell, Macey Hoppin' To Court Comic.
Updated: 4/1/2020
Mitchell, Macey Hoppin' To Court Comic.
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  • You guys are supposed to view the trial and decide if the criminal is guilty or not!
  • Understood!
  • I know your just ordinary people but this is a crucial decision!!
  • Kid:I ran because I remembered I forgot somethingHer: Sure, why do I have a bruise on my leg?Kid: I wouldn't know?Her: Yeah right!!
  • That rotten kid broke my window with a ball, and when I went to see him, he kicked me soooo hard then ran away so he wouldn't get caught!!
  • I would never hurt her, she is such a liar!
  • This Jury is going to watch over a case and eventually decide weather the Trial will prove someone to be guilty or innocent! This will be important to know because it could decide the criminals future!
  • Her: Just admit you hit me!Kid: But I didn't!Her: Uggg!! You are so hard to deal with!Kid: I think someone else must have kicked you!
  • The two people are arguing their points on why they didn't do something.
  • (All Thinking)
  • The people are talking about why they should be innocent and they are giving evidence to support their facts! It could be a tough one!!
  • The woman is Innocent!!
  • They are saying their final arguments to prove their point! Then the jury will decide!
  • Everyone is thinking about who they want to be innocent, but they will talk about it until it is final!
  • The Jury has made their decision, the woman is Innocent!! The kid will get some sort of punishment.
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