Updated: 1/5/2020

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  • Plane
  • Hazel I have something to tell you I...I love you.
  • Augustus I la-la love you too.
  • Resterant
  • so what do you want to do next?
  • Lets go and enjoy the great canal its amazing!
  • Van Houten's address
  • I don't get why you need these childish questions answered!
  • No thats not it ahhh!
  • Hazel come on lets go I will write you an ending
  • This scene is after everything had happened, from when they first met up in the support group to get in contact with Peter van Houten with questions on the book that lead to them flying out to meet her in person, this is were Augustus finally confesses his love towards Hazel.
  • After Hazel and Augustus get off at the flight and get to where they are staying, Augustus changes into a suit and Hazel puts on a beautiful summer dress, they then make their way to the restaurant and are seated outside-facing the canal, this is important since it creates a romantic atmosphere, they are able to go out without any concerns and with no other motives, all they worry about now is each other, this is the closest thing they both had to a normal date with each other.
  • Hazel and Augustus had wrapped up their date and arrived at the address of Peter Van Houten with Hazel dressed like Anna, after leaving the hotel, where it is opened up by a man with a bloated belly who is actually Peter, who is rude at first and keeps drinking, he gets drunker and Hazel asks him questions but is given an answer to just brushing her off, it escalates to Hazel throwing this glass out of his hand, he questions why Hazel needs these childish questions answered so, the assistant Ledwiji, at the start who organizes the meetup apologizes for the behavior as she runs out after them and tells Peter that she is resigning. In this scene, it showed who Peter really is, it displayed exception vs reality, Hazel realizes that instead of being sympathetic and understanding of her cancer, he is a cranky man who cares less about anyone's illness, and the fact that he wrote the novel does not mean that he knows the end. It is explained by Ledwiji that he was not always like this, she recommends them to go on a tour of Anne Frank, where one leads to another and they have now shared their first kiss and it escalating to making love between the two.
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