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Updated: 11/16/2020
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  • After Jem and Scout met Dill they became fascinated with the Boo Radley house. The three friends began acting out stories they made up, but they could not let Boo find them on his property and most definitely not let Atticus find out what they were doing. They had many thrilling encounters with Mr. Boo Radley but he never caught them.
  • At Tom Robinsons trial Atticus defended him best he could. Bob and Mayella Ewell did their very best to get Tom put to death. They claimed he raped Mayella, Atticus provided so much evidence that it was false he made Bob look like a drunk who beat his daughter.
  • Tom Rombinson new he was going to die, so he tried to escape. In the process of trying to escape he was shot seventeen times in the back and died.
  • Bob Ewell was furious with the way Judge Taylor and Atticus finch made him look, he broke into Judge Taylor's house and harrassed Tom Robinson's wife. Bob Ewell wanted revenge more than anything, he has threatened Atticus but Atticus thought nothing of it.
  • After Scout's play her and Jem were walking home in the pitch-black dark, they thought they heard someone walking behind them but figured it was nothing. All of the sudden the footsteps came running, Scout lost hold of Jem but heard wraastling noices and a loud thud. Scout then saw Jem being carried by a man back to her house, Scout followed him back to her house still not sure of who the man was.
  • Scout soon realized Mr. Boo Radley saved her and Jem's life. Jem broke his arm, but they were grateful that was all. Boo Radley accidently fatally stabbed Bob Ewell in the process of protecting the kids. The sheriff convinced Atticus Bob had fallen on his on blade to save Jem and Boo from the blame. Scout soon realized never to judge a book by it's cover.
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