Muhammad's life

Updated: 12/18/2020
Muhammad's life

Storyboard Text

  • Muhammad is born.
  • Muhammad works on a Camel Driver and meets Khadija his wife.
  • Muhammad! Its finally nice to meet you! I've heard a lot of good things about you!
  • Hello Madam Khadija, Its wonderful to finally meet you.
  • Gets his vision from Gabriel.
  • "Cry the name of the Lord! Oh Muhammad"
  • Muhammad is born poor. His mother and father died when he was young and his Grandfather did too. So his Uncle took him in.
  • Spreads the "Gospel", then flees to Medina because Mecca rejects it.
  • Calm down! I'll leave!
  • Kill him!!! He preaches lies!
  • Muhammad works as a Camel Driver on Khadija's Merchant
  • Takes over cities and makes more and more rules for the Jews.
  • Muhammad sits in a cave thinking about his religion and suddenly gets a vision from the Angel Gabriel. Telling him about the Religion he should convert people too.
  • Takes over Mecca and then passes away.
  • Muhammad preaches the "Gospel" to the Meccans. But the Meccans reject the Gospel that Muhammad was preaching so they fought him and he fled.
  • In Medina his "Gospel" gets accepted and he builds a big army. He takes over cities. He also made the rules for Jews stricter and stricter.
  • Strict rules for Jews
  • Jews
  • Jews
  • Jews
  • Jews
  • Jews
  • Jews
  • Eventually he gets a big enough army and defeats Mecca. His territory is very big but it will continue to grow. In 632 Muhammad died.