Updated: 12/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to Clark you said you enjoy music? Great! Ill show you around all the different music genres.
  • Yes! Thank you.
  • This is called a band hall. It is were you can learn to count, read and play music on your chosen instrument
  • You could get into writing your own music, man use the piano for this because it can be changed to any key and can be used to write music for a variety of instruments
  • Choir is a way to use your voice and sing not necessarily songs but also just singing note is music you can do that anytime anywhere
  • This girl is making her own music using the computer which allows for a more electro/computer sounding music. Comenly found in dance clubs and the most easy start to music in general
  • Music is all around the world and everyone listen to music no matter is its a song or even just the wind, Music is something that im sure you'll love to be a part of making however you choose