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Berin Stinky feat
Updated: 9/20/2019
Berin Stinky feat
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  • Setting,characters,conflict
  • why is my feet stink so much and why doesn't anybody like me???
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • The setting is at a house, yard, family, seashore, and school August through November. The characters are Berin and Berin and embarresed about his feet because they stink, he likes animals, other characters are old shelly, and horse and his friends and they are mean, bullies. The Conflict is Person vs. Person and Person vs. Self.
  • Climax
  • That's what you get you big fools.
  • His family makes fun of him, and Berin knocks out a cat and warns a dog about his smelly feet. Berin also wore his socks and shoes for 3 months with out taking them off.
  • Falling Action and Resolution
  • Horse and his gang skipped school and went to the beach to get old shelly. Berin is knocking everybody out on the way to the beach beacuse of his smelly feet. Berin losses his bad smell power on his feet becuase he ran through water.
  • Theme
  • and that's why you don't mess with a guy that has stinky feet :)
  • He faces the bullies without his smelly feet, but he remembered he had a pair of socks in his pockets and made the bullies fall asleep.
  • Old shelly safely layed her eggs and safely returns to the sea. The bullies don't bully him no more because of his really bad smelling feet.
  • Being brave enough to stand up to a bully.
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