Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Susan, if you really have a problem with people taking your belongings, then you should write your name on it, so no one can take it.
  • Mrs, you are correct, I should do that, so no one can take it.
  • There you goSusan, your problem is solved.
  • Thanks!
  • Leah, now let mesolve your problem, I havea calculator here somewhere, I will give you it. I will also give you seven extra minutes to complete your assignment because of how much time we wasted.
  • Leah and Susan, are you both okay now? Do you girls have any more concerns?
  • I am happy with the decisions!
  • No, I am happy now.
  • It is okay, I understand what you mean, I am glad Mrs. Jenny helped us fix it.
  • I am sorry Leah for being very mean. All I wanted was to make sure no one steals my things again. But Mrs. Jenny helped us and now if you ever need something, I will happily give it because now it has my name on it.
  • We are too!
  • Good job girls, I am happy you both apologised and the problem is over!