The Green Fairy

Updated: 5/12/2020
The Green Fairy

Storyboard Text

  • Am i the only Green Fairy?
  • Action: Princess Victoria having a realization at the royal ballSound: people chatting
  • Action: royal parents scolding Victoria for hanging out with an elf. She storms off to her room.
  • Action: Elvo and Victoria running away from home to go find answers about herself and her history.
  • Action: The black fairy is telling the princess to go to flowing river with silver water to get the golden cornfield hoping it kills herSound: owls hooting and crickets chirping
  • Action: Victoria connects with the river and is granted worthy of passage. She then crosses the river with elvo.Sound: Spring sounds
  • Action: Victoria comes back unharmed which frightened Ursula causing her to reveal her plans. Princess Victoria, who now finally knows where she belongs, banishes Ursula and her goblins. And they all lived Happily Ever After, THE END