Book 9 Odyssey
Updated: 3/5/2021
Book 9 Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • This is when Odyssey and his companions set off to sea. They arrive in the city of the Coicones.
  • They were not welcomed so the Cooicones tried attacking Odysseus and his men.
  • After they escaped them, they arrive where the Lotus Eaters are, the Lotus Eaters tried to persuade them to eat the lotus that would make them change their mind on continuing their journey.
  • Odysseus didn't like that so he took his companions to an island with cyclops on it, he wanted to see if they were friendly or hostile. They arrive at a cave with sheep and crates of food.
  • The cyclops arrives in its cave and saw Odysseus and his men in the cave and was not happy with that and killed Odysseus' comrade. Odyssey gave the cyclops wine to get drunk, to save his other companion, he stabbed the cyclops in the eye with a spear and blinded it.
  • Odysseus and his companion escaped by hanging on to the sheep while thinking of their lose of their companion.