Updated: 11/26/2019

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  • By Joy 8-2
  • So what is vaccination?
  • A vaccination is a treatment which makes the body stronger against a particular infection.
  • So how does this vaccination thing work?
  • Vaccination involves showing the immune system something which looks very similar to a particular virus or bacteria, which helps the immune system be stronger when it is fighting against the real infection.
  • Who and how did that person discover Vaccination?
  • It was discovered by Edward Jenner in 1796. And here's what happened
  • During this time, many people were affected by this horrible disease called smallpox. People who got this disease got severe scarring and sometimes even died! So Edward Jenner, as a doctor he decided to do a experiment . After a few years In 1796 a milk maid called Sarah Nelmes came to Jenner complaining of a cowpox rash on her hand. Jenner took some of the pus from the rash on Sarah’s hand and then scratched some of the pus into the hand of an 8 year old boy called James Phipps, the son of his gardener. James fell ill with cowpox but soon recovered. Jenner then took some pus from someone with smallpox, and scratched this into James’ arm. James developed a scab but did not develop smallpox
  • Jenner's discovery came to be known as vaccination from the Latin word for a cow: vacca. Then Jenner went on to vaccinate all the local children with the cowpox to stop then getting the more dangerous smallpox disease. And that's how vaccination is discovered.
  • Thank you Doctor Jenner
  • Yay, Thank you doctor Jenner!
  • Thank you doctor I'm not scared to be vaccinated anymore
  • The benefit of vaccination is to protect children from serious illness and complications by making their immune system stronger. And may even protect them from death.