Updated: 1/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hamilton now why would you want to support industry and trade when agriculture is the way to go!
  • Jefferson, do you understand we cant farm forver and the world doesnt revole around the south!
  • This is getting out of hand....
  • What, no! We need to support the Frech they helped us during our revolution
  • We need to support the british in this war so we dont loose thier friendship.
  • I am a democratic-rebublic my party is better!
  • Well my Federalist party is better at least we are not all farmers!
  • We need a strong national government, and you shouting doesn't change my mind.
  • No!! We neeed to support the French we owe them!!
  • Men! We will remain unbiases, I'm issuing a nuetrality proclaim.
  • Yes, sir.
  • I think we need a very strict contructism because I believe in the constitution.
  • Thats absolutly crazy just because its not in the constitution diesnt mean we cant do it, loose contructism is the best!