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Updated: 9/25/2019
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  • *sigh* wretched globalization is everywhere now.
  • culture pessimists will say that we're losing diversity, but sometimes thats ok. As humans we are constantly growing and changing. Faith in science and technology is more widespread and most would agree thats a good thing!
  • ahhh the beauty of globalization
  • I know, it's like we're actually in Japan.
  • wow this sushi is delicious
  • We are no longer restricted by geography, culture is spreading and giving us more choices and freedom
  • Dude I like your nikes!
  • J'aime beaucoup tes chaussures, I wish I had a pair
  • Merci beaucoup!
  • Spread of western cultures is threatening local ones.Materialism is overtaking places and destroying diversity.
  • many say we are losing languages to english, but people only learn english in addition to their own language. Plus knowing the same language makes business much easier!
  • pleasure doing business with you sir再见
  • It is estimated that as many as 90% of the worlds languages will disapear forever within the next century. Western culture remains the domineering force today and it is stripping us of our culture.
  • Colonization years ago left us in a state of cultural disorientation. We're losing our diversity and with that our sense of who we are and our quality of life. The loss of a sense of who we are leads to cultural and political instability, it destroys our history and makes us more alike.
  • Globalization is a two way street. It's not just countries becoming more like america, many cultures are being brought into america as well. Even as foreigners are adopting american culture, they are changing it as well. They expand americas diversity creating more communities.
  • wow I love your komono!
  • Thanks, I got it from forever 21!
  • The comercialisation of cultural products is becoming more wide spread, with an agressive push from TNCs encouraging it. Taking something that was once a tradition or a way of life and putting a price on it and selling it. Culture has become a product.
  • Finally globalization increases individual freedom and revitalizes cultures, and this huge increase in individualism creates a better and more exciting world to live in
  • Globalization promotes this "one size fits all" ideal that is impossible. It thrives on homogenization and undermining individuality. It ruins our quality of life and if we continue on this way our world will lose all diversity.
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