Updated: 6/9/2020
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  • Bats are very interesting. They use echolocaation to find their food and navigate
  • Same with whales they also uses echolocation.But, what does echolocation means and what else does bats and whales use echolocation for. Lets asked a expert for why whales and bats uses echolocation.
  • This is MrHaward a Zoologist he sutdies about animals. I have a question for you? What does echolocation means and why does bats and whales use it?
  • Echlocation is when Bats or Whales or even dolphins makes like a noise and then it echoes. If the echo bounces off of their prey they know which direction the prey so they go to their prey so they have something to eat.
  • Echolocation is use for hunting and navigating.
  • Fun fact about bats it that they can also receive and produce 100,000 sound waves per seconds. While Humans can hear 20,000 waves per seconds.If you go to a cave where there are bats they will be lots of inscets in half on the floor. Thats because they eat half of the inscet's body right away and the other half for dinner.
  • Fun fact about whales is that unlike bats sending out sound waves from mouth or nose. Whales does it byproducing a variety of sounds by moving air between air spaces or sunuses in the head.
  • Now you know lots of things about echolocation, how bats and whales use it and why is it imporant for them. I am gonna go to bed now. Bye.
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