The french revolution
Updated: 12/13/2019
The french revolution
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  • Meeting of the estates general
  • we can't agree with your decision.
  • We vote to not pay our taxes.
  • Tennis court oath
  • We want to say our oath.
  • We never want to separate this constitution.
  • I don't know about this...
  • Storming of the bastille
  • We need the gates to be opened!
  • Should've brought our pitch forks.
  • 3rd estate is voting for financial crisis, and the meeting is for the 3rd estate to help the 1st and 2nd estates to give taxes to the 1st and 2nd estate, while they vote by order.
  • The march of versailles
  • We're all staving!
  • We must keep going.
  • 3rd estate breaks into to tennis court to say their oath to the national assembly, about creating a constitution that sets in 1791.
  • The reign of terror
  • On July 14, 1789, is the storming of the Bastille prison, and the revolution starts to occur. The city of paris seized the spotlight from the national assembly meeting in Versailles.
  • The rise of Napoleon
  • Hello. I am the napoleon the emperor, and i'm the new general that will be leading this country.
  • Thousands of women march to Versailles for miles. They wanted the king to stop the ignoring the suffering, and they also wanted the queen. They needed more bread and the king to promise that.
  • The execution device called the guillotine was introduced. Robespierre was the one that would start the execution, he's a lawyer and politician. Republic would watch the executions that went down. About 300,000 arrested, and 17,000 were executed.
  • I don't want to die!
  • This is my job...
  • Napoleon was a Italian general that conquered France. He was known as emperor napoleon. He was the best military general, and had military success. Reforms were when he was trying to take him power onto independent countries like Russia.
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