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Updated: 7/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • (3) Well, I'm reading this book, and it suddenly builds a question in my mind. Do you mind if I ask you?
  • (1) Hi, Jay, nice to see you here in the library. Are you looking for something?
  • (2) Good to see you too, Ken! I'm looking for a new book to read. What about you? What are you doing?
  • (4) No problem, Ken. Ask it out.
  • (5) My question is, how do you perceive God?
  • (6) I didn't expect that would be your question, but I see God as a punisher. For me, God tends to punish people who commit sins, mistakes, or stuff that God detests. Why do you ask?
  • (7) I asked that question because the book I was reading earlier made me realize the truth about God's image. 
  • (8) Don't get me wrong. We all have different views on how we see God. I'm not upsetting you in any way, but for me, the image you see in God is false.
  • (9) I don't quite get what you are trying to say. What do you mean by a false image? Can you elaborate?
  • (10) God is described as our father, who loves us unconditionally. God's love doesn't rely on how we act or behave. God loves us no matter what we are and what we do. God is not a punisher. Whenever we commit a mistake, he forgives us. His love for us won't change. God is forgiving and merciful. Here, try reading this book so you'll understand more about God.
  • (11) Point well taken, Ken. I will surely read this book. Thanks for enlightening me about the true image of God. Goodbye! Take care.
  • (12) Ken's right! God's love for me is unconditional. He indeed forgives me from all the mistakes I've done before. He made me realized my sins. And I've learned from it not knowing that God did all of that so I can be a better version of myself. God is truly great!
  • Question: Knowing the different false images of God,How could I influence others to change theirperspective in viewing the description of ourSupernatural Being?- I could influence others to change their perspective in viewing our supernatural being by applying my knowledge of God's different false images and then asking them a question on how they perceive God just like Ken did to Jay. After I got the answer, I'll identify whether their image of God is true or false. If they view it wrongly, I'll try my best to correct and convince them that what they're believing is wrong, and I'll explain to them what is really real about the image of God. But I won't force them to believe me, because people have the right to have their own opinion.