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Updated: 2/4/2020
For science
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  • Hello my name is Sonny the Solid.
  • Can I tell you a little about myself?
  • Okay.When heat hits me for long enough I turn into a liquid.But my particles can't flow. My particles and they are closely packed and they interact a lot. Speaking of that it's really hot outside today. Ohhh Noooo
  • Hey it's still Sonny the Solid. But now I'm Sonny the Liquid. I don't have a definite shape but I do have a definite volume, my particles can move around and the interaction between them is strong the closeness of particles is close but able to flow. I'm a lot like the solid because we have a definite volume but I don't have a definite shape like the ice.It's still hot and when i get really hot I turn into a a. You'll see.
  • Hey it's still Sonny the Solid but as you already know it's Sonny the Gas. This happens when i get to hot as a liquid so I turn into a gas. My particles can flow. But I don't have a definite shape or volume . I take the shape of any container I'm in. My particles are loosely packed and they don't really interact with each other. I am a little like the liquid because i also take the shape of whatever I'm in but i don't have a definite volume like the liquid. As you can see I change forms a lot . Thank you for listening to my story I hope you learned something.
  • Thank you for listening Mirah.
  • Ok Bye.
  • No problem. Oh I have head home Sonny. Bye
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