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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sure!
  • Hey Katherine could I walk home with you and rose?
  • Thank you for walking home with me I didn’t know who else to ask..
  • You’re being so lame, can you just stop it’s annoying.
  • Good friends always make sure to include you!
  • How do you tell if a vampire is sick? BECAUSE OF HIS COFFIN!
  • Good friends will make time for you when you need to talk to them.
  • What’d you think of my dance?!
  • They both start laughing
  • It was great!
  • Katherine should I get th-…
  • Good friends NEVER belittle you or make you feel small.
  • No, you could never bother me!
  • I kind of felt like I was bothering you today at the mall.
  • Friends can joke around together.
  • They burst into laughter at the terrible joke.
  • Friends can also have serious conversations witch eachother.
  • Friends can also have serious conversations with each other. Real friends will tell you the truth, and make mends.