My comic- The Peasants
Updated: 4/9/2021
My comic- The Peasants

Storyboard Text

  • One day in the middle ages the peasants worked on their lords farm on a hot day. They peasants were tired and did not like that they had to work in the heat.
  • It's so hot out here!
  • I know, its like 100 degrees.
  • The lords are like so unfair to us.
  • The peasants were angry at the lord for making them do so much work on hot days. So they went into town to talk to other peasants about it.
  • We should break into the castle and demand the king to give us more rights.
  • I hate the king. He is so lame for making us follow the feudal pyramid.
  • Let us in to see the king!
  • All of the peasant gathered together at midnight to break into the castle to see the king. They met the guards on the way there.
  • Peasants are not allowed here at night, you have to go back to the village.
  • You better let us in or were going to get feisty.
  • The peasants got in a fight with the knights. The peasants were feisty. In the end the knights surendered and let the peasants into the castle.
  • (knights) Ok ok, we surrender you can go in the castle to see the king
  • I thought you might say that.
  • The peasants searched all around the castle for the king, they couldn't find him anywhere. The peasants where thinking about going back home.
  • Maybe he isn't at the castle, maybe hes like a church, or at a meeting with the lords.
  • We looked everywhere for the king, where could he be?
  • After some time the peasants decided to leave the castle and go back to the farm. The were angry that they could not find the king but they new that their lord would make them do more work if they went missing. The peasants realized that their job was not so bad after all.
  • I don't think we need to ask the king to give us more rights.
  • Yeah, its nice here. It isn't 100 degrees every day.
  • The End