Restart comic strip
Updated: 8/25/2018
Restart comic strip
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  • Chase Ambrose: Young teenage boy who attends Hiwasee middle school. He fell of the top of his house while he was thinking and also full of pride of his great hiding spot of something. He lost all of his memory from before the fall. After his fall he became like a completely new person. He is the captain of the football team at his school. Before he fell of his roof he bullied many people and no wonder everybody was a afraid of him when his cam back. He got community service for one of his little pranks on a boy named Joel Weber. But trust me all of that changed after his fall.
  • It is the first week of school and chase has no idea who he is and who anyone is yet everyone seems to know who he is. While he was at his community service he got dismissed from but he still went out as a volunteer he met someone named Mr. Solaway who had won the Medal of honor and thought it would be good for Shoshanna's video project. If I hadn't mentioned Shoshanna hates Chase but everyone thought him and Shoshanna should do the videoproject together.
  • Chase
  • Aaron
  • Bear
  • Shoshanna
  • Mr. Solaway
  • They are with Mr. Solaway when they realize his medal was stolen but Chase thinks Aaron and Bear stole it. But little does he know he was the one who stole it and his perfect little hiding spot is on his roof that is how he fell.
  • Chase was mad at himself. He was mad for blaming it on Bear and Aaron even if they really did deserve it he was also upset that he couldn't remember where he had put the medal. He was also mad that he would ever even do such a thing. Steal the highest award of honor. He would eventually find the medal but he was unaware of that.
  • Hey I know you guys stole Mr.Solaways Medal.
  • Yeah you Dumbo
  • You were the one that stole the medal you said you were going to sell it and spilt the money 3 ways. 
  • It is ok Chase I can forgive you, I hardly realized it was missing
  • I am Sorry for stealing your medal Mr. Solaway
  • From my understanding a crime has been commited here. I am calling the police. hoppefully everything will be ok.
  • Many people came to support Chase to insure that he has changed from the boy he was before and never in a million years would he ever do that again as his new self. Even Mr. Solaway cam bu t surprise surprise Aaron and Bear didn't show up. 
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