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Updated: 4/2/2021
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  • So x^2*x^6 =x^8.
  • The product rule means that when multiplying numbers with exponents, you add the exponents together.
  • The Quotient Rule means that when there are exponents in both the denominator and numerator, you subtract the greater one by the smaller one. 
  • So 7^5/7^2 equals 7^3!
  • The power rule is used when an expression looks like (a^b)^c. To solve it, you multiply both exponents together.
  • So (6^2)^2 equals 6^4.
  • So if I have (6^4)^-2, the answer would be 1/6^8.
  • When there is a negative exponent your answer will look like this. 1/a^b or 1/a. When ever you see a negative exponent, all you have to do is put it in a fraction with a numerator of one, get rid of the negative sign and then you can solve the rest like normal. But if the denominator is too large, you leave the denominator un simplified .
  • And when the exponent is 0, the answer will always be 1.
  • So 1,000,000^0 equals 1!