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Updated: 3/31/2020
Science Story
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  • Omg. I have changed once again and now I'm a different type of rock down by the water. I went through a lot of heat and pressure due to the tectonic plates moving around under the water to be a Metamorphic rock.
  • Hello! I'm an Igneous rock. A little while ago I remember being hot lava but then I cooled and formed into an Igneous rock!
  • Oh my! I turned into Sediment!! I must have been weathered down by those high winds. UH OH! I have fallen in to the river. I have to leave my family behind.
  • Goodness! I have changed again. Now I am Sedimentary rock. I was swept up by the river and went through Compaction and Cementation. Now I am laying on the beach far from home.
  • I now have been completely melted into magma. I am far into the Earth where no one can find me, not even light. I hope I go back to the surface soon.
  • Here I am. Back where it all started. As I rose with the magma up to the Earth's surface I began to cool and form as Igneous rock. My life is also known as the rock cycle and it never ends because cycles go on forever and ever and ever.
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