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Updated: 2/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • From his courageousness in battle, Theseus earns Hippolyta's hand in marriage
  • We're getting married in four days
  • Hermia won't follow her fathers will
  • My Lord, I wish for my daughter to marry Demetrius, but this man stole my daughters love.
  • My lord, I wish to marry Lysander, for he is the one that I wish to marry
  • I will give you 4 days to decide whether you want to do you fathers will, become a nun, or be executed.
  • And she better do what her dad wants her to.
  • Lysander tells Hermia his plan.
  • We shall go to my aunts and get married there, for it is outside of Athens.
  • But you are much more fair then me. will Demetrius still love me?
  • Helena is told their plan.
  • Helena is told their plan.