Neolithic vs Paleolithic.
Updated: 1/24/2020
Neolithic vs Paleolithic.
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  • The Amazing Adventures of Neolithic Nel and Neolithic Nick!
  • Back in Paleolithic times.
  • Ahh! Come here! I need to eat tonight!! I'm all ready to hunt youuuu!
  • Food in Paleolithic times compared to Neolithic times!
  • Look at all this beautiful food I farmed! I have a stable food supply! A surplus even!
  • I'm starving! I don't have a stable food supply at all! I need to go hunt something! Or go collect berries and nuts! Arghhh!
  • Welcome to our story about our life!
  • Shelters.
  • This is not how we live! I would be to busy for my job! They don't even have a stable food supply like us! And we farm! I can't imagine hunting and collecting all our food! There isn't even enough big animals anymore!
  • Jobs
  • Im taking the donkey to go try to find some flint or obstinate!
  • Ok! I will use it to make mirrors! I'm trying to get some type of beauty product today!
  • As you can tell. the New Stone Age is in the first box, and luckily we don't have to hunt. That's a relief!
  • Agriculture now
  • That will be 53.94.
  • Here's my card.
  • This is the beautiful town or Ur! We have everything we could imagine here!
  • This is how our trading went! We would cross deserts with donkeys, sail the seas with ships, and sometimes even walk!
  • Now people can just buy all there food online, or just drive to the store! Seems lazy compared to hunting and gathering, even farming! Do you agree?
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