Chapter 2: Animal Farm
Updated: 4/22/2020
Chapter 2: Animal Farm
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  • How about ribbons?
  • No, we do not need sugar. 
  • Will there be sugar?
  • Ribbons are a badge of slavery.
  • After Old Major gives his persuading speech, he passes away three nights later.
  • Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer secretly meet to elaborate Old Major's teachings, called Animalism, several nights a week in the barn to the other animals.
  • Mr. Jones and his men haven't fed any of the animals all day, causing the animals to break into the store shed to get food.
  • Mr. Jones and his four men ran into the storage shed with weapons attacking the starving animals.
  • Done with the torment, the animals started to fight back, they launched themselves against there abusers.
  • The battle was out of control, the animals thrashed and jumped. In the end, the men ran off, with the animals chasing them out. The animal's rebellion has been completed.
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