raft assignment (part 3)
Updated: 2/23/2021
raft assignment (part 3)

Storyboard Text

  • A secret passageway is revealed.
  • AAAHH!!
  • AAAHH!!
  • The mirror must have been hiding a secret passageway!
  • Look! It's a secret staircase! I bet this is where Ursula is hiding...
  • Mulan speaking:Ahh...! The glass hit me and I think i'm injured...
  • Pocahontas speaking:I'll stay with Mulan. The rest of you should go without us.
  • There's two ways to go! Should we split up?
  • The princesses split up to find Ursula.
  • Cinderella and Aurora, you take the left doorway. Me, Moana and Anna will take the right doorway. Lastly, Tiana and Jasmine, you stay put and keep guard. Alright?
  • Sounds good!
  • Aurora and Cinderella find Belle.
  • I found the key, let's get you out of here!
  • Belle! We've been looking for you!
  • Help!
  • Maybe there's a way I can get the key...
  • Moana, Anna and Elsa find Ursula and Ariel.
  • I'm sorry... please save me!
  • Mwahaha!! You've finally figured it out... and Ariel led you right to me!
  • Elsa uses her powers to freeze Ursula while Moana retrieves the key.
  • This is what you deserve!
  • NOOO!!!