Updated: 12/10/2019
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  • Welcome! Today our spy's have a top secret mission to retrieve a kinetic and potential energy thing at the castle with the queen and princess. Let's see if they can take on the challenge.
  • Are you ready to go steal the bottle of kinetic and potential energy.?
  • Are you kidding me! Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has because it is moving. Mass and speed are the two factors that kinetic energy needs. An example is a speeding car.
  • I guess. I have a question though. What is kinetic energy???
  • We did it! I know! I can't wait to take this to the lab. I am glad you learned a lot Jake.
  • We're here. Lets sneak around the back.
  • You are so dumb. Potential energy is energy as a result of an objects position or condition. The factors for potential energy is mass and height. An example is a parked car
  • OHHHHH! That makes sense
  • I have another question. What is potential energy?
  • No! You can't have the kinetic and potential energy bottle. You can have the gravitational potential energy.
  • Gravitational Potential energy is related to an objects height above the ground. Such as a falling snowflake.
  • What is gravitational potential energy?
  • Guards! Get them!
  • Hello! My name is princess Taylor. What can I do for you?
  • Can we have the Kinetic and Potential energy bottle. Well, we gonna find it anyway
  • We found it! Thermal energy is The kinetic energy due to the random motion of particles like when a ball hits the ground.
  • Yes! Wait, what is thermal energy! Cool. Now lets get out of here!
  • And that is the end of our lessen for today
  • Well, that's it. We did it. I learned so much from you, Lola.
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