Albert Headan
Updated: 6/8/2020
Albert Headan

Storyboard Text

  • Albert met the store owner approaching his table. He doesn't know for what reason but he does. He greets him in private and tells him that he knows a school for spies. He also tells him that he was a friend of their parents and wishes him good luck if he chooses to go to the school.
  • Albert immediatly scatters to find his friends, knowing that the information that he will share will change their lives. He includes all of the details that the coffee shop owner displays. Alex and Jean are both as equally shocked 
  • Albert plants the lego piece under his tongue and enters his room where he starts choking. Like they planned, his grandparents rushed upstairs and whacked the piece out of his mouth. Great. The plan was in motion. Albert saw the camera working and knew that his grandparents were busted. But what came next was the unimaginable. His grandparents were actually kind to him! Slowly patting him on the back and offering him water, they took him down stairs.
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