something i don't want to do but i must.

Updated: 9/17/2020
something i don't want to do but i must.

Storyboard Description

Bad i think it is bad

Storyboard Text

  • Oh hi son. How was your TX history class go.
  • Oh it wasn't bad but i did learn a lot from it.
  • Well i really don't want to but if you really want me to, I will so listen closely
  • Oh is that so. Than can you tell me something you learned from it than?
  • Hello, my name is Alonso Alvares De Pineda, and i am looking for a passege threu the gulf of mexeco and asia
  • Hello, My name is Davy Crockett and i am famous for defender of the Alemo during the era of the texas revolutio
  • Hello, my name is abreham lincon and there was a time where slavery was a thing but we won the war and stoped it
  • Oh wow that was a lot... But can you repeat that because i didn't get all that
  • *sigh* Ok fine but this one last time to pay attention