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Updated: 3/26/2019
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  • HOPE
  • "An" live off the fatta tha land... an' have rabbits" (14)
  • Friendship
  • "He been doing nice things or you alla time when hegot a piece of pie you always got half or more'n half,
  • The hand shook violetly, but his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. (100)
  • This quote relates to the theme of hope because it shows us what lennie is hoping to happen in the future. This quote shows us that lennie has high expectation of getting a nice land with lots of rabbits for petting.
  • Lennie jarred and then settled slowly forward to the sand and he lay without quivering
  • This quote relates to the theme friendship because it shows Aunt Clara telling Lennie how George use to do so much stuff for him and he repayed him by doing bad things which is why George can't live a rich and healthy life.
  • Discrimination
  • "Cause I'm black. They placards in there, but I can't play because i'm black.
  • This quote shows violence because it shows lennie being killed. This shows us the George had to make a tough decisions and he decided to kill Lennie.
  • Loneliness
  • Why can't i talk to you? I never get to talk to anybody. I get awful lonely."
  • This quote relates to the theme death because it shows what lennie did after George shot him. This shows us that lennie is dead and George killed him
  • THis quote relates to discrimination because it shows someone being judge and they are being rude about it. This shows us that crook is being discriminated because 
  • This quote relates to the theme because when someone is lonely they want attention and can become depressed. This shows us how curley's wife is sad that she can't talk to anyone because she will get i trouble.
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