Approaching the War of 1812
Updated: 4/1/2020
Approaching the War of 1812
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  • US Nuetrality and Violations
  • Let us come over!
  • Impressment
  • Supplies
  • Don't mind if I do!
  • The Embargo Act and Non-Intercourse Act
  • Here is your supplies!
  • Supplies
  • I LOVE trading!
  • During the 1800s, America had decided it would not engage in the battle between Great Britain and France, and by doing this, staying in a state of Nuetrality. However, Britain and France still decided to raid American ships even though there was a clear line that neither should have crossed to get American supplies.
  • The Battle of Tippecanoe
  • Hehe, I am so happy I helped the Native Americans!
  • Give us our land back!
  • We EARNED this land and we will expand westward!
  • Great Britain would repeatedly try and steal American supplies from American ships, as well as steal their sailors. This angered Americans, as more commonly than not, Great Britain would be successful in these attempts.
  • The Decision of War
  • I'm a War Hawk, and we should fight Britain because they tried to destroy us and the trade restrictions did not affect the British!
  • I am Anti-War, and we shouldn't go to war because we need peaceful ties with them! Also, we are too young, weak, and ill equipped to fight Great BRitain!
  • The Embargo Act meant that there would be no more trading with America and Great Britain and even France. America did this as an act of retaliation against them because they raided their ships. However, this ended up hurting American merchants more than Britain and France. Furthermore, the non-intercourse act had the same effect, as it was an act that stated that America would trade with which ever country stopped breaking US nuetrality first. This ended up hurting the US more agian.
  • The War of 1812 and the Outcome
  • Even though you burned the building behind me, I forgive you brother!
  • Even though you basically stole the entire America from us, I forgive you brother!
  • Great Britain aided the Native Americans in a desperate attempt to try and overtake America. Great Britain was hoping to stop the westward expansion of America, while the Native Americans, led by Chief Tecumseh, wanted their land back. This caused tension between the Native Americans and Americans, as well as Great Britain and America.
  • America had two sides during these events; war hawks and the opposition. War hawks wanted war while the opposition did not want war. There were a lot of arguments against each side, however, the President at the time, James Madison, declared that Congress choose whether they should declare war. In the end of the day, Congress chose war.
  • The War of 1812 had many events, like the burning of the White House and all other acts of retaliation from both sides. The war had so many ups and downs from both sides, and in the end, they both signed a treaty that gained neither any territory. Furthermore, it seems like the purpose of the war was to show dominance, to show one country is the parent and the other is the child. However, the outcome was that they both became sibling countries with each other. To this day these two countries help each other out and see each other as helpful 'equals'.
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