Story board darry and cherry and johnny

Updated: 3/8/2021
Story board darry and cherry and johnny

Storyboard Text

  • Your welcome cherry I am glad your having fun
  • i am happy you had fun
  • yeah i had so much fun
  • darry thanks for taking me here
  • sure i am starving
  • the movie theaters was fun thanks for taking me
  • wanna go eats somewhere
  • your welcome cherry i also had a good time
  • sure i really want to get out of here
  • Hey this food is good darry thanks
  • i am happy you liked it it is so good
  • do you want to go already
  • i am doing good and you
  • Hey johnny how are you
  • i am doing fine i had a good day
  • i didn´t tell johnny i went out with cherry
  • how did you find out
  • i am so so sorry that i wet out with her
  • because cherry told me you i cant believe you
  • dont ever talk to me again
  • i found out you went out with cherry
  • hey there are 3 children in there
  • Hey guys do you need help and yikes this church is really on fire
  • The church is on fire