Oedipus Rex Part 1
Updated: 12/19/2019
Oedipus Rex Part 1
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  • Oedipus speaks to the crowd about the terrible problem in thecity of Thebes. An old priest proclaims about the sufferings that is going around in Thebes and about the plague and that Oedipus should be the one to save them again after he had saved them before with the Sphinx.
  • My children, generations of the living...
  • Oedipus tells the crowd that he has sent his brother Laius to Apollo to seek the answer that will end their suffering. Creon returns and proclaims that the plague is due to the murder of Laius and that the plague will be alleviated if the murderer is found and punished accordingly.
  • What answer do you bring us from the God?
  • About the murder of Laius
  • Oedipus goes to speak to the blind prophet, Teiresias, and he begs him to tell him the truth about the murder of Laius. Teiresias refuses to speak and claims that Oedipus is ignorant and he eludes that Oedipus is indeed the murderer. This angers him and they both get into a small fight.
  • @&#^@!
  • @&#^@!
  • Oedipus, being paranoid after what he just heard, accuses Creon of being the murderer of Laius. He cites that he is trying to overthrow him and gain power. Creon defends himself and they both get into a quite heated argument.
  • @&#^@!
  • @&#^@!
  • Jocasta enters and tries to deescalate the situation. She reasons to Oedipus and tries to make him calm down and Creon leaves. He then worries himself and questions if Teiresias could be right and if he could be the murderer. Jocasta says that is is impossible and oracles are lies.
  • Poor Foolish men, what wicked den is this?
  • Oedipus explains to Jocasta about his time in Corinth and why he ran away. He talks about the time that a drunken man yells to him that he is not his fathers son. This worries him and he learns of a oracle that says he will kill his father and marry his mother. He tries to get far away from Corinth.
  • Back in Corinth...
  • Do not worry Oedipus
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