Freedom's Children Chapter 5 Storyboard
Updated: 2/8/2021
Freedom's Children Chapter 5 Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Judy Tarver was participating in these protests with young teens. Judy was attending these protests with Miles College students as well as high school students. Their goal was to get to the shopping center.
  • Before Judy and other protesters made it to the shopping center they were arrested. Since the Principal called the police on them.They were chased by the police.They got all the teens in a school bus.
  • They were put in a school bus to be taken to jail. The protester above 18 were fingerprinted and they stayed in Birmingham jail. But since Judy was still 17 she did not enter with the others.
  • Reverend King went to go talk to the protesters that were in jail. Which Judy was able to talk to him. Judy was taken to juvenile detenation.
  • But since the jail was full they had to go to a different location. In which was an amusement park for whites. Judy and some other female protesters had to stay in a room which only had mattresses and sheets. Judy was there for only one night.
  • Judy parents did not get involve in her decision of going but they were proud of her anyways. When She returned to school everything was normal. Judy heard that the boys stayed in jail for a week. Later on they were to celebrate the 25th reunion in 1988.