robert life
Updated: 4/6/2021
robert life

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  • Today, at 7 in the morning, I woke up and had breakfast. Then, at 7:30, I left my house to go to school. I was a little late, so I had to hurry.
  • Then, I met my grandmother. She had a lot of bags. I said to her, "that looks very heavy. Should I carry some?" I carried her bags back to her house.
  • I went to school, and attended Japanese class. The teacher said, "Robert, you are late! Yesterday you were late! Bad!" The classmates I hated told me, "Bad!" I was sad.
  • Today, my favorite friend was absent. I ate lunch alone. I was lonely.
  • At night, I went back home. I took a bath. I watched TV.
  • Then, my grandmother took a call. "Hello, this is the principal of Robert's school." My grandmother said, "I will talk to the Japanese teacher about Robert." I was happy.