Hannah's night out
Updated: 12/3/2020
Hannah's night out

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  • Why did he not like me? Am I the problem??
  • Bzzzzt!
  • Sam-Samantha <3
  • Bruh reach its Brandon's bday tday
  • tsk, queen, we'll get that sorted. just reach fam.
  • yo I can't. I'm kinda sad rn...
  • fine...
  • ...And then he said that "I'm not his type"!
  • Girl, ya need to take it easy! You'll find someone better!
  • Hannah currently is not happy about being rejected. She thinks that she is the problem.
  • This is kinda fun! I almost don't remember why I felt bad in the first place!
  • She gets an invitation from her friends to hang out. Even if she may not feel like going, Her friends are willing to listen and help.
  • Hey, you look unhappy, Is there anything I can do to help?
  • Hey Brandon, Happy birthday...
  • By getting advice from her friends, she can understand that she is not at fault in her situation.
  • No sweat! I'm just glad you came to your friends first before overthinking things!
  • Thank you for listening to my problems on your birthday, Brandon.
  • By hanging out with her firends, she might distract herself from her current issue.
  • See? I told you!
  • By going out, she increases the chances of finding the right person that enjoys spending time with her
  • As longas her friends are understanding and supportive, she can feel calmer and make better judgement about her health and mentality.