Lincoln, Congress, and Johnson Plans.
Updated: 3/2/2020
Lincoln, Congress, and Johnson Plans.

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  • Lincoln, Johnson, and the Conby McKenzie Harris and Johnny Thomas
  • Abraham Lincoln: First, one tenth of people in the state must take the loyalty of oath to the U.S. Constitution. Second, the state has to make a new constitution along with a new government. Lastly and most importantly, the state is required to abolish slavery.
  • Congress: President Lincoln's plan is way too lenient. Instead, the South should be punished for their role in the Civil War. It should be made more difficult for them to rejoin the Union.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill which required most voters to pledge the loyalty oath. I vetoed this bill.
  • President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865 by actor John Wilkes Booth. Vice president Andrew Johnson then took Lincoln's place as the United States president. Johnson carried out Lincoln's reconstruction plans.
  • Andrew Johnson: My plan is similar to that of Lincolns, but stricter. My plan states that Southern states could only rejoin the Union if they accepted the 13th amendment. I assured the 13th amendment was ratified in December of 1865 and slavery was abolished.
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