class project
Updated: 1/30/2021
class project

Storyboard Description

for class

Storyboard Text

  • Superhero Name
  • My Name is Jordan Roberts. Lots of people in this town know me and like what I do.
  • Villain Name
  • My Name is Chandler, not a lot of people in this town like me, but I plan on changing that. HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Plan to Take Down
  • I know exactly how I am going to take Chandler down! I am going to use my powers and raise and maintain a great Armed Forces.
  • I don't care! I want things to be done my way. (1)
  • Jordan Roberts is a great superhero known by everyone in his local town.
  • Confronting Chandler
  • It doesn't have to be this way Woods! Stop using your powers! Super Jumping doing bad things doesn't help. (1)
  • Chandler Woods, Villain disliked by many for all the things he does.
  • Armed Forces Vs Chandler
  • I didn't want it to come to this but it had to! You're going down Chandler! (1)
  • Alright Boys, Get him! (2)
  • The plan
  • Chandler Gets Arrested
  • Alright, Thanks Jalen.
  • Jordan I'm going to cuff him and bring him to our holding cells at the hideout.
  • Confronting Chandler Woods and getting ready to get my Armed Forces on him.
  • DO IT!!! I'll be waiting! (2)
  • I am going to get my Armed Forces on you! I'm done! My Armed Forces will be on stand by.(2)
  • Chandler Woods gets stopped.
  • Okay, Okay, I give up! I surrender.
  • Chandler Woods gets arrested and taken to the secret hideout.