Florence Nightingale

Updated: 6/29/2020
Florence Nightingale

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  • I was raised in a large country house and taught by my Father. I loved learning and realised that I wanted to be a nurse when I was older, my family did not like this idea and would not support my studies so I read all the books I could to learn how to nurse.
  • In 1853 the Crimean war broke out and nurses were needed to help in hospitals. I left with a team of nurses but when we got there we were appalled by what we saw, there weren't proper beds, there was blood and dirt everywhere and people were dying from the conditions of the hospital rather than their wounds. I knew what had to be done.
  • I cleaned up the place, added beds, equipped proper bandages and payed close attention to all my patents, even at night They would call me lady with the lamp.
  • When I returned home after the war was over I found that I was famous and a trust fund had been opened in my honor. I used the money to set up the first ever nursing school.
  • What I did changed nursing forever, without me it would not be as hygienic and nursing wouldn't even be a profession.
  • There is even a new hospital named after me as well as a museum.