Unknown Story
Updated: 6/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This boy came from Odin! We will call him Scyld Scefing
  • Years later, Scyld died and had more children who had more children and one of those children was Hrothgar. He was strong.
  • Beowulf came to help Hrothgar, and killed Grendel by ripping his arm off...
  • I want to build a great hall here from my spoils from war! I will call it Hall Heorot!
  • The Danes will help me build it!
  • Ok!
  • The evil was still present. Beowulf had to go and kill Grendel's mother, she had no name.
  • My hall is finally built! We will have a feast tonight in it!
  • After the feast, the guards slept, but Grendel crawled from the fen and killed everybody, leaving the hall full of blood...
  • I am the light killing the darkness
  • I am the light and light kills darkness