Boston Massacre
Updated: 1/3/2021
Boston Massacre

Storyboard Text

  • The Colonists were complaining about how they didn't want to pay tax on English items. Than one day a private yelled out saying that the apprentice should be a bit more respectful. Which than led the apprentice poking the private in the chest and that caused the shooting.
  • The private called out for help and seven other soldiers came. Mean while they were surrounded by a bunch of people that were throwing ice, snowballs, and sharped oyster shells at the soldiers. Preston didn't want the soldiers to start shooting because he was standing right in front of him, but they did anyways. The reason why was because someone behind them shouted out "Fire!" That caused three civilians and Attuck to die.
  • John Adams was hired by British soldiers so that he could defend their case. The soldiers than were not found guilty of murder, but two of the soldiers were charged with manslaughter.