Chapter 13
Updated: 4/29/2020
Chapter 13

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  • Niang would kill me if I broke her rule..
  • Do come to my birthday. I have these dolls and a pug that I would love to show you!
  • How about on Tuesday, on the school holiday?
  • Really? Of course! I can't wait to show you my house!
  • You can't leave already! What about the cake? Everyone's waiting.
  • Don't be so sad. I'll be back before you cut your cake.
  • Wu Chun-mei begs Adeline to visit her home to celebrate her birthday and show her around.
  • I order you to tell me where you went and what you did!
  • Oh no!!
  • Adeline was so tempted that she agreed to come over on a school holiday to celebrate he friend's birthday.
  • Why did I give her my number?
  • How dare you do this behind my back! You will wait here until your Father returns!
  • *on phone* Oh a birthday party. How nice! Well don't wait, my daughter isn't coming anymore!
  • Adeline had the greatest time with her friends at Chum-mei's house. But she had to return home for lunch before Niang finds out.
  • You and Aunt Baba will be separated due to her bad influence on you.
  • Unfortunately, Niang was already inside Adeline's bedroom and she started to ask her questions as she was very suspicious.
  • Niang found out what Adeline did because she got a call from Chun-mei who unknowingly explained to Niang. She was to wait for her Father.
  • When Father returned, Adeline had no choice but to explain everything to him. As punishment, she was whipped and Father told her that Aunt Baba would be separated from her.